.txt file Vs .csv Load

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Is there any Limitation of number of rows in .txt Load Vs .csv file data Load in Anaplan.


I can see the difference in count of record loaded in .txt Vs .csv

Delimiter set in .txt file is '|'.


Same file when I load to a flat List in Anaplan the record Loaded in 1969 and when I load in .csv format the record loaded is 39879 (which is the correct number of rows in file).


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Best Answer

  • Hi@MadhabikaM 

    I don;t think there is any limit. Even if there is a difference in the number of maximum lines to be loaded for CSV vs TXT formats - it is deffinetly much more than 1969 lines. I think there is something in the settings of the import data source for TXT in your model.




  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    Thanks, you were right.

     Test delimiter was set to comma which had to be set None while Importing file action.


    This worked fine.


    Thank you