L1 SYS08 Employee Details module - Import and Mapping Issue


Can anybody please write down the steps for the particular SYS08 - import and correct mapping 

As after several attempts and struggling to get it right .

Appreciate your support guys.


  • @AsadA 

    Would you not mind sharing the error or the mapping that you are trying to import.




  • Thanks Anand for your prompt response , luckily got assistance from a buddy and it is sorted now .

    I was not mapping correctly 🙂

  • Hi Asad,


    could you please share your solution, i am having same issue and unable to map the E2 Employees# to the .CSV file.




  • Hi @zaibhamid81 Please share the screenshot of your mapping, its just the mapping error and you are good to import!

  • You have to map with code for employees instead of the names,this way it will automatically matches all names and for the column headers in the start and end date map the correct date format which is in YYYYMMDD i.e., 2012-12-01
  • Thanks @sobaid for your reply,


    I have tried with codes and it allows me to update the data but it does not show the names of the employees. It only works when I manually map name in SYS08 Employee Details tab. please see the below screenshot and please let me know if I am doing it correctly.









  • Hmmm, Your mapping seems to be correct now, try doing it again after refreshing. Hope it works!

  • hi @zaibhamid81 , If you found the above suggestion useful and solved your doubt.Kindly mark the thread as solved 😉

  • Hi,

    I have already marked it solved thanks for your help.