[Start Here] Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud – Part 1: The Basics

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Welcome to the basics of the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud. What you’ll find here is a quick overview of the connector before we get to the fun stuff: best practices, use cases and tips and tricks! You’ll find notes on what the connector for Informatica Cloud is, who it’s for, and use cases to give you a taste of the connector’s abilities.


Let’s get right into it!

What is HyperConnect and the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud?

Anaplan HyperConnect is an Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service (IICS) license that provides the following benefits:


  •   Easy implementation and rollout across the enterprise, leading to self-sufficient business users and greater IT consistency and governance.
  •   Greater flexibility and visibility into moving data in and out of Anaplan, resulting in increased self-sufficiency and faster decision-making.
  •   100% self-service so business users can own, connect, and synchronize various parts of the business using large volumes of data in Anaplan models.


One of the connectors that comes with your HyperConnect package is the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud.


The Anaplan Connector for Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) provides seamless integration with Informatica’s enterprise-class software as-a-service integration platform. With this connector, users can do the following things:

  • Automate and schedule integrations with IICS directly using the Anaplan connector.
  • Access hundreds of pre-built bi-directional connectors via IICS, and enable connections with systems like Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite, Oracle, SAP and more.
  • Utilize Informatica’s advanced capabilities such as large volume data movements, data quality checks, data joins, notifications and more, providing a seamless data integration experience to Anaplan users.

Who is it for and why?

There are three personas who benefit from the Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud:

  • Integrations Developers: The connector provides integrations developers an optimal way to connect Anaplan with IICS,  accelerating implementations and allowing them to set up and automate data integration functions.
  • Decision-makers: The Anaplan Connector for Informatica provides decision-makers with accurate data from these integrations which empowers them to make better business decisions.
  • Model Builders: The Anaplan Connector for Informatica allows model builders to leverage multiple data sources as they build out their models within the Anaplan platform.

Some use cases

With the connector, you can set up integrations without the need for additional point-products. Some uses of the connector include:

  • Perform integration actions like data imports and exports using the connector and Anaplan’s APIs.
  • Set up & Schedule integrations using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service’s UI.
  • Using Informatica’s features, users can move large volumes of data and perform data quality checks and data joins.
  • Gain insight into your Anaplan models by setting up automated queries and reports.

Additional Guidelines and Considerations

Before we send you off to the next chapter, here are some things to remember and consider:

  • You need to have a HyperConnect license or an Informatica Cloud license before you can start using the connector.
  • In order to get set up with HyperConnect, please follow the steps listed below:

Please note that we recommend that an Integration Admin follow these steps as they require technical knowledge and training.


Ready to start using Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud? Let’s move on to Part 2 - Design Guidelines and then Part 3 - Import and Export


Contributing authors: Christophe Keomanivong, Pavan Marpaka, and Andrea Denise Sy.