Delete data from Numbered List No parents


I created a module and process to delete all the data from Numbered list. it works fine to delete the data however there are some data (no parents, just code) which I am not sure how those got into the list are still there(I believe because of the mapping eror). Also, on the delete module, these data dont show up but those data into the list. Please see the attached pic for reference. I need to fix this asap. Thanks for the help


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  • rob_marshall



    Ok, in that situation, in your delete module, create a line item IsBlank(parent(item('L10')))...this will return a boolean where you can use the "Delete from List using Selection".




  • @akibulmn 


    The data that is still there is from the parent list, in your case the Location list.  If you want to delete all members in L10, then you will need to delete the "detailed" members of L1 through L9, that is assuming you have 9 lists that are parents.  But when you do that, just know it will delete all data in all modules associated with those lists.



  • @rob_marshall Thanks for ur quick reply. Yes I have the same issue in the L10 , And only L10 &L11 has a bunch of data with no parents only ID. I just want to delete the data which dont have any parents on L10; Is there any way to do this? Thanks

  • @rob_marshall 
    I tried that but for some reason , those data DONT ( which have no aprents just code ) show up in the module . But those data show up in the list. I am not sure why those data which don't have any parents dont show up in the module.

  • Fixed , the data wont show at the module but i am able to delete those from delte action . Thanks @rob_marshall