Importing data into SYS08


How to map Employees data into SYS08 because I am getting error, I am attaching pictures, only current salary n commission % are mapped.




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  • anand.shekhawat


    The mapping seems correct.

    Navigate to Employees tab and check if all the Employees are getting mapped correctly. 

    Navigate to Employee Details Line Items and check if all the items are mapped correctly, if not than map them manually.

    Also focus on Start Date and Leave Date. Make sure you map it correctly by clicking on Edit. 


    You will be able to import it correctly.




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    Sir I think some problem with time mapping

  • 16335124518444828519390089839028.jpg

    I have edited time format and also I have manually sir. Now it got mapped. Thank you very much sir. 

  • @amruthasai7979 


    Yes, you need to map the dates. Select YYYYMMDD from the second table and you would see that the dates are getting mapped correctly (Currently ignored in the screenshot).



  • Yes sir, I have edited it to YYYYMMDD
  • Hi,

    You need to correct the date format to map them with your Anaplan module time dimension. Secondly, check if you have mapped the required column headers or not? Maybe you need to manually map line items which are left out.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for responding, yes now it is done correctly.
  • That's great. Keep learning!