Excel Add-in: Restore Connection after module rename


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Is there a way of restoring a connection to a module via Excel Add-in after the module has been renamed? the re-map functionality does not work either (model ID is the same) . 


My connection stopped synchronizing and the only change is the module name and I found below restriction on Best Practices for Excel Add-in. 






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  • Manuela_Apostol

    Dear all,


    Thank you for your input here, unfortunately none of the solutions proposed are working because what I have experienced is in fact a known issue. @anand.shekhawat @Bliayang 


    The bug is that Excel is crashing when performing a "send and refresh" after remapping the workbook connection. The workaround at this moment is by remapping the connection, saving and closing the workbook, and then reopening the workbook before performing the "send and refresh." Luckily this is on the roadmap to be fixe with the next release


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  • @Manuela_Apostol 

    Unfortunately No. Renaming a module is a major change I don't think there is any way to restore the connection. 

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  • Is this something Anaplan support can further assist on this and re-store the broken connection?  

  • To restore the connection after a module rename, you will need to remap the connection.
    ** Make a backup of your original workbook before remapping the connection
    - Open the workbook with the Addin's connection which the module name had changed

    - Click the 'Remap" icon

    - Select the module that was renamed

    - Click 'Remap' button

    - Click "Refresh" to confirm that the remap connection is working

    - Save your updated workbook