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So I have a numbered list, which is used to populate project names by the end user. 

Projects are created in Anaplan by the end users, they provide name of the project and input various other attributes pertaining to the project. 

However, I had a doubt on one new request, if the user selects a particular region (which can be selected either during creation of the project in Anaplan or at a later stage as well), then the region code should be concatenated with the project name (list name). Is that possible ? 

Example User enters project name as "Anaplan Project 1" and selects region Europe, the final list name should be "Anaplan Project 1-EU". And at a later stage, that is post creation of the project in Anaplan, if the user changes the region to North America, the project name (list name) should be automatically updated to "Anaplan Project 1-NA".

PS: - I know we can achieve this using line item and displaying the line item instead of the actual lists however I wanted to see if we can achieve it with the list itself. As many reports have the list published. 



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  • kavinkumar


    This is more likely achievable as you are using numbered list. Make use of the display name functionality to attain this. Below in more detail,


    Project List : Numbered List



    Property : Display Name with Formula for dynamic change



    Setting up the  Display Name property



    User Selection Module


     By this way, whenever user tempts to change the region the display name would automatically gets changed.

    I hope this helps!


  • Thank you so much Kavin Kumar ...really helpful ! 🙂
  • @Sachinsourav02 


    I understand what @kavinkumar wrote, but you need to be careful here because if I am understanding what you are wanting to do, it is not possible.  The main reason, the Display Name that Kavin showed, which is a formula to a module, only works if that module is "flat" meaning that list is the only list in the Applies To.  Also, I HIGHLY recommend using a code, especially when using a numbered list.  In order to have a project be the same but have different regions, those will need to be different list members rolling up to the desired Country/Region.  Lastly, if the Country/Region is a line item in the flat module and is concatenated with the project name, that will work only until someone else changes the Country/Region line item.  If this happens, then you will need to make sure your code is independent of Country/Region concatenation.


    Hope this helps,