Map Chart



I'm currently working on a "map-chart page" in NUX, and I'm experiencing issues with the scaling. My map is dimensioned with "world" and I'm using a hierarchy filter. So, when I for example pick the Nordics in the context selector this is what I see in the map card, but the map is not adjusting to the size of the card. So the nordics just appears as small "dot" in the card. However, if go into edit mode the size of the map is scaling as expected, and when I exit edit mode it looks okay, but whenever I change region I'm facing the same issue.

I solved it temporarily by using a boolean filter instead of the context selector and it works fine. But, it would be way more smooth the be able to use the context selectors. 

In addition, as I've seen alot people commenting, it would be great to get the opportunity to add cities, more regions etc. I think this could be really powerful.