Publish with Time and non Time Line items



Quick question. I have two separate modules 
1) Module 1..dimesnioned by only Project List with X number of Attributes as line items.
2) Module 2 Dimensioned by Project List and Time and line items. 
Is there anyways that I can have a single a view, with Project names as row headers and Time along with non time attributes from Module 1.

I understand its possible via excel Add in, is there any way i can get this in anaplan. The end end goal is to have an excel export from Anaplan. Where the users will see Project Name as row header then few key attributes from module 1 as column headers and then time based line items along side. 


Best Answer

  • kavinkumar


    Here is my suggestion. The trick lies in the export options that are available in Anaplan meaning you don't have to shuffle your view. More details below,


    Create Properties in the project list and refer the data from your input module. Yes, I know creating properties in a list is against the PLANUAL book but it does also says that we can create in such cases with exceptions.



    While doing the export, please go to the labels tab and select the properties that you would like to export it along with the Project list. Note: Make sure to check the 'Include Row Label Headers' tick box before you run the export.



    And here you go the expected output!



    I hope this helps!


  • Thank you so much this would definitely work and I can publish the action with predefined items however, would this work for the end user ? Like if the end user is exporting the report with native anaplan export option from the new ux I presume they wouldnt have this option right ? Because there are some filters provided to the end user for their selection for the time period items. So they probably would be using those filters and exporting a filtered view