Create T3 Build Geographic Hierarchies Process


Level 2 training Create T3 Build Geographic Hierarchies Process

Create a new Process:

  • Process Name: T3 Build Geographic Hierarchies 
  • Add Actions: T3.1, T3.2, and T3.3

Could I get some help to complete this task? Thanks in advance!






  • Solved



    Add actions to a process

    When you add a process, the next step is to add actions to the process.

    Set up import and export actions before you add them to a process.

    1. Go to Model Settings > Actions, select the process, and click Edit.
    2. In the Available Actions pane, select the actions to add to the process. The actions display in the Selected Actions pane.
      • To change the sequence of actions in the process, select the action in the Selected Actions pane and move it up or down with the arrows.
      • If you want users to see simplified running results, do not check the Display action confirmation and full results details to users when running this process box.
        Users can choose to view full details of the process reporting results. Workspace administrators who run the process always see full process reporting results.
    3. Click OK to save.
  • Thanks for the detailed explanations