Validating/ highlight history (previous value)

Hi All,


I am looking one of the use case to validating the history/previous value. Below is the use case:

I have two modules (Module1 and Module2). Both are copy of each other.

User will input the value in module1 and data will imported in module2 with the help of Import action. So ideally all the data of module1 and module2 will be exact same. Now if the data of module1 gets changed and then imported to module2, the changed data in a cell should get highlighted (may be with some colour).


Below is the screenshot once the data is imported from module1 to module2:


Before Import:





After Import: 





Can anyone help on this use case



Best Answer

  • Hi @Swarupa_1 ,


    If understood your requirement correctly then you can try the below approach.


    Step 1: Add two more line items in module 2 Prev Country & Prev Dept

    Step 2: Create a view with your 4 line item 

    Step 3: create an action to import the data from Country -> Prev Country & Dept -> Prev Dept

    Step 4: Add this action in your process & this action Must be run before importing any data from Mod 1 -> Mod 2

    Step 5 : add the line item to check the condition  between current & previous data





    hope this will help!