The Anaplan for All Experience



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Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 9.06.38 AM.pngPrior to the Anaplan for All program, I worked in the healthcare field as an authorization representative. After graduating college, I wanted to pursue a career as a healthcare provider. However, after working in healthcare I realized it was not for me and began to look towards other careers. I enrolled in programming courses at my local community college while working full time. I took a class on website development with SQL and discovered I enjoyed working with data. One day I was scrolling on LinkedIn and found a post for DS4A. During DS4A I learned about Anaplan, liked the platform, and applied for the Anaplan for All program.

I first learned about Anaplan when a couple of Anaplan executives came to speak to the DS4A fellows about the platform. It was the first time I heard the words, “connected planning.” Since I did not have prior experience in the corporate world, I did not know that sharing data in real time was an issue. I was excited to learn more about Anaplan and the ways companies can leverage the platform to more meaningfully connect with their data. Frankly, I expected to be lost, but after completing DS4A, I felt confident about learning the material.

Going through the Anaplan for All program is a tough and rewarding experience. Working on the weekends after working a full-time job is difficult (particularly in healthcare amid a pandemic). I enjoyed spending my time by learning a new skill. Anaplan for All attracts people that genuinely want to help you achieve your goals. My favorite part of Anaplan for All was meeting new people and gaining a new skill. The most challenging part was asking for help when I did not understand how to do something in Anaplan. As time progressed, I felt more comfortable posting my questions and attend office hours.

Going through the Anaplan for All program is a tough and rewarding experience.

- Lorena Vasquez

I recently started a new role with Vuealta as an Associate Consultant. My role is to work with companies and help them transform their business processes into Anaplan. Without the training from Anaplan for All I would not have the skills to change careers. I am glad to be in a new career where I have more agency over my work.

My advice for incoming Anaplan for All Fellows is to be open to new opportunities and challenges. Learning a new skill can be overwhelming but have patience with yourself. Take advantage of all the resources Anaplan for All has. Utilize your peers, mentor, and teaching assistants. I met with my mentors almost weekly and updated them with my progress and questions about the Anaplan ecosystem. They were an important part of helping me get my current job. Without the support of my fellow peers, mentors, and teaching assistants I would not have been able to change careers.

How has your Anaplan journey inspired you to take challenges and remain open to new opportunities? We'd love to hear from you! Share in the comments below.