12.4.1 Activity: Create Saved View for Non Employee Expenses


I have created a saved view and named the view: as Forecast Periods

The SYS00 Time Settings module has a line item for only the Forecast period. 



How to set Forecast Months only Filter?

  • Filter: Forecast Months only 

I am unable to set Forecast Months filter. Can anyone help me on this?





Best Answer

  • einas.ibrahim

    Hello @SravanKumar 

    If you have 2 modules with a common dimension then you can filter data in one module based on values from the other module. That's basically the concept of using a time system module.

    Under the Time tab in the filter dialogue, Filter the saved view by SYS00 Time Setting.Forecast Period = True
    This will only show time periods in the EMP02 module where months = Forecast Period months as set in the time module SYS00