How to Create More flexible Calculations with Versions?

How can I get more calculation flexibiltiy with Versions?


Best Answer

  • A technique to increase the calculation functionality with models with multiple Versions:
    This works well with switchover enabled models and with complex calculations which may need to vary with each specific version (and if you don’t want to store your actuals in the module’s Actual Version)
    1) Create a module called Version Control with the Versions Dimension and 1 Line item called Version?
    2) Create a list containing the names of all the versions in your model called Version List i.e. Plan1, Plan2, Plan3, Actual
    3) Open the module and list format your Version? Line Item to Version List
    4) Populate the module with the matching name for each Version
    Now you can evaluate what you want to populate with a formula in a line item based on the version name.
    Basic Example:
    IF Version Control.Version? = Versions List.Plan1 OR Version Control.Version? = Versions List.Plan2 OR Version Control.Version? = Versions List.Plan3 THEN Sales Volume Plan ELSE IF Version Control.Version? = Versions List.Actual THEN Data Staging.Actual Volume ELSE 0