Filtering a GRID-NEW UX


Module A dimensioned by Projects, Time, Attribute List 1 and Line Items.

I have projects as row headers (which has to be filtered based on Users and other conditions). I have Time as columns, above that as columns as I have the line items and above that Attribute List 1. 

So my end table would look large (horizontally) considering the massive nested views. Each Attribute List would have all line items under it and under them the time period. 
I have a filter applied on the time period as well to get a dynamic time range and also to give users ability to filter Quarters/ Year totals. 

So my problem is, I need another filter that would take input from the user (boolean) check box and only display selected line items. So the ask is to display all line items by default and when user makes selection then only show the selected. 

I tried to create a filter module using Line Item Subset unfortunately I am unable to apply those filter after applying the project filter in the row. 
Is there a solution to this problem or a possible work around ? 

Much Thanks




    Hi @Sachinsourav02 

    I have tried your approach  LIS only . It worked for me.

    Please find below how I did It 
    As you have, I have created module dimensioned by Projects, Time, Attribute List 1 and Line Items as below 


    I have created module for project filter as below 


    I have created Line Item filter module with LIS as below 


    And Final module with LIS to apply filter as below 


    And on above module I have applied filter as below


    I got applied and filtering as described . Since I have selected one project and one lineitem in filter modules, Its is filter the same in the above view

    Adding the filter of same grid from New UX 




    Hope this helps out