Model with Two Different FY start


 Hello Community, 

I have a use case where I have to use two different FY Start Month i.e., In my entire model Fiscal year is from Apr to Mar, but there is a special scenario where I have to Use FY as Jan - Dec. 
One Option is to achieve this using Fake time in the Model. Is there any other suggestions/workarounds to achieve this?




  • @PujithaB 


    No, there is no other way. Native Time can have only one configuration.


    You will have to create a Custom/Fake Time Scale



  • Thankyou @Misbah 

  • @PujithaB There is no way to create multiple Fiscal Year entries. But you can use different models with diffrent fiscal years and show the that in UX from Both Models in different pages.

  • @PujithaB 


    As others have stated, there is no other way, but I will offer this: do all calculations using Native Time for the "other" time hierarchy, and then have a mapping module mapping Native Time to your Fake Time for reporting.