Link or button to a Dashboard from App Page (New UX)


Hi everyone!


I would like to know if there's a way to put a button or a link to a specific dashboard from the App Pages (New UX).




  • @fgabarrin Yes, simply add a text or image card to your page. go to card configuration and select the page you want to link to. screenshot below -




    Hope this helps.

  • If you are referring to the Classic dashboard then no, however, each dashboard has its own URL, and I believe you can create a text line with URL format and link to your dashboard. Let me know if this works.
  • @jimfeng5 thanks for your response! Yes, i'm referring to the classic dashboard. I tried creating the text line with the URL in a module but i can't put that into the Report Page. Do you have any idea which card should I use in this case? I tried with the text card but its not clickable and with the image card but it says it's invalid (because it's not .jpg or .png). Maybe there is another way.



  • obriegr_0-1634913705998.png


    You can also create a process (action) that allows you to jump to a dashboard, in the classic view.



    You can add the action to the new UX and you are able to jump to the specific classic dashboard.


  • @fgabarrin You aren't able to put a link TO a classic dashboard FROM a UX Page. The classic dashboards do not have their own individual URL, you would just be directing them to the model overall.


    You could do vice versa, and have a link TO a UX Page FROM a classic dashboard, this is because each UX page has it's own unique URL that you would be able to use for the text line item.