L 2 Sprint 1 1.3.15



I really can't understand where n what to start please help


  • Hi,

    Will try to help you


    In the model settings go in Actions, after you create a process called "5 load Geographies", then below the processes you've all the actions, you will have to rename the ones that have been used to populate the Geographical flat lists and the details system module, you'll have to follow the naming rules 5.1 Load... , 5.2 Load... ., finally you'll have to edit the process " 5 load Geographies" and add the 5 actions you've just created.


    Hope it'll help

  • IMG_20211014_184204__01.jpg

    Can you kindly once check Actions Renaming is correct or not

  • It seems correct to me 😉

  • Okay, Thank you