L2 Sprint 3 Help needed with 3.3.12 Activity: Create Product Replenishment UX Page

Hi All,


I have a situation where I am not able to hide the shipping method values in my UX page. It should show only when  a shipping method is used to replenish the stock.

My page view is as below.


Desirable view is



How can I do this using Dynamic access controls. I have ADA02 inventory ordering overrides module created. Should I add additional line items to do this. Or is there another way?




Please advise. 


Balarama Krishna


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  • Misbah
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    All you have to do is apply these AD line items as Access Drivers


    Go to Blueprint View of the module, Scroll towards right until you see Access drivers - Read & Write. Select AD line items within these.



    That should solve it