Issues adding a grid to a page using a saved view which utilises Compare format



I am trying to create a page which shows the % of fees by geography and then how this % has changed since the last version.

In the model I have done this simply by saving 2 views, once with the calculated %s and one which uses the COMPARE format and I have selected the version to compare to.


However when  I try and add the COMPARE view to the page it loses the compare selection so I just end up with same table twice.


Has anyone else experienced this and if so, is there a solution to the issue?


  • @CommunityMember82902 


    Last Time I checked it was working on Classic UX. Have you tried it on Classic, if it is working on Classic then it might be New UX doesn't support it yet.





  • Hi Misbah


    I am using the classic Model experience ( see below)

    Screenshot 2021-10-15 093135.png


    I cant see anywhere to switch the App from classic to new, or is it all controlled by this same switch?



  • @CommunityMember82902 

    I mean to say NUX (dashboard) and not NMX (New  Modelling Experience). This toggle switch is about NMX  and not NUX.

  • yes it works on classic dashboard, so looks like its unsupported.