Associating a list to a hierarchy



I created a Cost Centers list with values (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and a hierarchy of Business Unit lists (Business Unit 1, Business Unit 2, Business Unit 3).  I'm looking for a way to associate each group of cost centers from the Cost Centers list to the Business Unit hierarchy.  The hierarchy Business Units 1-3 values together will uniquely define what cost centers are associated with the parent-children.   


I created a systems module that associates each Cost Center value to the combination of Business Unit 1-3 hierarchy values.  Is there a way to create an association so that if you drill down on a Business Unit 1, 2 and 3 in a module, you will be able to see the cost centers that fall under it?  Below is an example: 


Business Unit 1Business Unit 2Business Unit 3Cost Center
CorporatePlanning & DevelopmentProcess Analytics1
USPlanning & DevelopmentProcess Analytics3


  • Hello @massenm 

    Have you tried making the Business Unit list the parent list of the Cost Center list? This should take care of the issue.








    If a single Cost center could belong to multiple Business Unit, then make the Cost Center list a numbered List.

    Hope that helps

  • Thank you for your response!


    I tried to do that initially in the lists but there is no 1-1 correlation between a cost center and a given level of the Business Unit hierarchy.  For example, I can't assign Cost Center 2 with Business Unit 3 (Analytics) without considering the values for Business Unit 2 and Business Unit 1.  The combination of the Business Unit hierarchy values will dictate where the cost center should be tagged when drilling down on the Business Unit hierarchy. 


    I'm new to Anaplan but created the Business Unit hierarchy lists (BU 1, BU 2, BU 3), a Cost Centers list (with just the list of cost centers) and a module that maps each cost center to the BU 1, BU 2 and BU 3 hierarchy values. Not sure if there is a way to link that module to the hierarchy in some way so you can incorporate cost center as part of the hierarchy.  Thanks again,







    The combination of BU 1, BU 2 and BU 3 will make it unique

  • Hello Matt @massenm 

    I admit I don't fully understand the issue. I'll try one more time. 
    Are you saying that the hierarchies are dynamic, meaning you won't know where a cost center belongs before doing some calculations (as you said considering the values of BU1 and BU2)?

    I don't understand the system module you built (based on the table you provided), what dimensions did you use for this module?

    If you could provide some clarifications to help me better understand, I'll do my best to help. Or, I hope other community members will chime in.

  • Hi Einas,


    Apologies if I'm not being clear.  You are correct; the "hierarchies are dynamic, meaning you won't know where a cost center belongs before doing some calculations (as you said considering the values of BU1 and BU2)".  It's not as easy as indicating that a cost center falls under a parent in BU3. You have to consider the values higher in the hierarchy too (BU 1 and BU 2 for example).  


    I created a systems module (with no dimensions, just line items) to merely identify the mapping of BU1-BU3 values to a hierarchy.   So if cost center 1 is mapped to "US" (BU1), "Planning" (BU2) and "Analytics" (BU3) in the systems module, I was hoping there could be a way to leverage the BU hierarchy to know where the cost center will be slotted within the hierarchy. 


    Hope this clarifies and thanks a lot for your help!




  • @massenm 

    Thanks for the explanation.

    How about this...
    create an action that takes the data from your system module and builds the hierarchy.
    Am I correct in assuming BU1, BU2 and BU3 positions in the hierarchy are static?
    So, after doing any calculations you need and position the Cost Center with the appropriate BU,  create an import action to place the Cost Centers under the correct BU.
    You can run this action on demand (with a button) or automate it to run every night for example.


  • Hi massenm


    Is the structure you provided part of a multi level hierarchy such as the one below? 



    If it is then you just need to create 4 lists with the following structure below. This will enable the correct drilldown to the cost centre 





  • Hi Einas, do you have an example of using an action to build the hierarchy and associate the cost centers under their respective BU hierarchy values?  

  • Hi, thanks for your reply.  


    How were you able to have the different cost centers associated with their BU1 values? (US, Canada, Corporate)? This has been my issue all along. The cost centers don't just simply roll to the parent directly above them; sometimes it depends on the BU1, BU2 and BU3 combinations to bucket the cost center under the appropriate hierarchy values. 


    I'm new to Anaplan so anymore guidance would be appreciated. Thank you,


  • This is great, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!