NUX grid selector not updating with value selected in grid


The page selector and the selector on other grids is updating as items are clicked on, however the selector on the same grid is not updating.


L1 is Country, L2 is Client, L3 is Department, L4 is Product


The selectors are all at our L4 level, so I would have expected the selector on that grid to be updated to show which L4 was selected, in the screen shot I would have expected it to show "Legal Expense" rather than staying at the L1 Level.


  • @jtkerlin 


    If you are using Show/Hide features on your grid then Hierarchy Sync doesn't work

  • Use a boolean filter (without a summary) at L4 if you only want to show L4 items in the grid but need to retain the hierarchy to allow for synching

  • This is how we have it, with a boolean to show only the lowest level - L4, however clicking on an item in the grid at this level does not change what the selector shows, however all other selectors that are at the L4 level all sync to show the item selected.  It seems to be a bug.