Import Transaction Data to Data Hub Module with Numbered List




I have created a numbered list module with no item yet (Refer to image 1)


When I import the transaction file into the module (image 2), what can I do to auto create item in numbered list (#1, #2, #3, #4)?



image 1.jpg

image 2.jpg


  • You'll want to create a code based on unique properties of the data. From your screenshot this would suggest a combination of GL_ACCOUNT and PROFIT_CENETER_CODE. You would then build a view to use to import in to the list. Once done you can create a module dimensioned by that list and Time, so you can import items matching that code and the GENERATION_DATE (the same code you used to create the list).
    This would then show the total AMOUNT for each GL_ACCOUNT and PROFIT_CENETER_CODE combination by Time.
    For some further reading on importing data and data hubs try this article:
    Data Hubs: Purpose and Peak Performance - Anaplan Community

  • You need to import into the list to create the items before importing into the module. You can run both imports from the same uploaded file; alternatively the data could be represented by properties in the list if you want to populate them with the same import, but there are access control implications.
    To get them imported into the list, each item must be uniquely identifiable - either using a transaction code or reference, or possibly using some combination of properties that together form a composite key.