Error when importing from 2 other models, one works, the other doesn't



I am importing data to a module from 2 other models. One works perfectly whereas the other import comes back with an error message 'The column headers in the file you are attempting to import do not match the import definition'.


The source modules have the same structure apart from there is a numbered list in the source module which fails to load.


Please see the attached.


I've seen issues with importing numbered lists into modules.


Is that the probelm I have here? And is there a workaround?




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  • simonlee
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    Hi Andrew


    Thanks so much for your help, much appreciated.


    I'll look at creating a new module for the export.






  • If you try ignore unmapped on the 2nd screen that might help you.


    And as an aside numbered lists model to model always fail which is why you need to use code for them as then they will import fine - because effectively it's reliant on the # being identical in both list which is going to be super unlikely.




  • Hi Andrew


    Thanks for your message.


    Yes, I tried Ignore Unmapped too, and that came back with the error message again (excluding the part about mappings).


    So, even if we ignore that list, there tends to be a problem importing modules with numbered lists regardless?


    From your post, I need to add the code. I've hit a problem doing this, I wonder if you could help with this one Andrew!


    I've tried to pull the code into the source module using Code(Item(L_Ons Offs Segments))


    The Code is populated on the numbered list:




    But, it doesn't pull through on the view to be imported:






    Would you have any idea why this is?


    Thanks so much in advance!





  • On the code point it's because you've got summary settings to "none" so when you've picked a top-level there'll be nothing coming through. Worth having that code line as just dimensioned against the list.

    Also it might make sense to either have the list in the downstream model or create a module in this model that pulls together the data to be easily imported/exported.