Fix the Page Selector


Hi, I have a question about Page Selector in UX.

I have this Order List and Order Table.





In UX, I want to show only "All" Item.

I can set it by Card Context.



This setting will not change when anyone change it in another page?


And we can filter the List item by using this setting.

Is this made for fix the several List items?

If I want to fix only 1 item, I should use Card Context?




  • Hi @hyudolee 


    For me, it would depend on what other cards you have on the page, If you only wanted that one card locked to all use the card Context if it was multiple cards with the same requirement then the filter. In truth, I would probably end up doing both methods just to be certain. 

  • Hi, @AWhitwotrh
    I understand.
    Thanks for replay!!