Export file into email



I have built a supplier forecast module and created an export into excel with added data from the list used in the module. I would like if I could make this export be divided so each supplier receive an email with their items and forecast


Is this possible in any way?

Since we have a lot of suppliers we dont want create on at the time and they do not have access to Anaplan

Best Answer

  • MarkWarren

    No, unfortunately not. You can suggest ideas via Idea Exchange - Anaplan Community
    You can also look at Anaplan integrations with tools like Mulesoft and Informatica, or even Docusign to drive the supplier emails from Anaplan data. May give you more control and options over coding something through an API.


  • The next step would be to use an API or via Anaplan Connect to run that export outside of Anaplan and supply it to some code, a script, or another system that can email the file based on your list of suppliers. The list of suppliers could even be exported via Anaplan, then iterated over whilst exporting data relevant to each one.
    This is not something that can be done in the Anaplan itself, it needs some external tools/programming to achieve.

  • Thanks for quick reply that was what I thought just wanted to make sure i had not missed any new functionality