Export API call returns only module headers


Hello all,


I am trying to export out data from a module via an API call using an existing export action.  Have successfully initiated the export action and retrieved the file details (chunk numbers etc), however when I attempt to download the first (and only) chunk details the API call only returns the module headers without any of the data. 


Attached is screenshot from postman showing the response. 


I can confirm that the file created / downloaded when running the export action manually from Anaplan does result in a file with data.


Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks !

Best Answer

  • M.Kierepka

    Hi @dfernandes


    Is account used by integration the same as used for manual download? What I assume could happen is that in dimension in rows has Selective Access enabled (or DCA and "Omit Empty Rows" is set in export definition), and your account has access to this hierarchy, but integration account doesn't have access to this hierarchy. The best way to check it is either copy your access to integration account in Anaplan (using bulk copy or just Ctrl+C->Ctrl+V in Users tab) or change integration credentials to yours (might not be possible if you are using Certificate Authentication). 


    Hope it helps, but if not, can you provide screenshot of the export's settings?


  • Yes it was a security access issue.  The account used by the API did not have access to the lists in the module.


    Thanks so much for your help !