Workspace message error while importing a file


I have a little issue,

In my development model i have created a process in order to import members of a hierarchy list regarding code, name and parent, in one step of the hierarchy for exemple let say that we have 4000 lines, in the lower level we have 40 000 each with parent, code and name, when i run this process with my import file in the development model it works perfectly but when i do it in the UAT model i have a message saying that i don't have enough place, can't get why it works in the development  model and not in the UAT




Could someone give me advices ?


Thank you


  • @mlecrivain 


    How big is the UAT model and how much workspace do you have?  Are the Dev and UAT models on the same workspace?

  • hi @mlecrivain 


    this error is because when you add list items , it increases the size of the model in the workspace and when loading this list , the model size is exceeding the workspace size , 

    so you can either reduce the model size in dev model ( summaries etc ) nd then link to uat model or enquire if workspace size where the model is located can be increased.