Level 2 Sprint 3 DCA INV01




I am confused about the adding DCA into Inventory. Do I need to create formula in AD02 module or Should I create an Add a Read line items also. Can somebody explain me Step by step what to do here ?? 



  • hi @Sagar123 

    So , purpose of DCA is to limit the access of users in a module at a line item level (read / write ) based on boolean line items , 

    so AD02 is a module where you will add line items that act as DCA for the inventory ordering modules 

    take a reference of override shipping method? , so if the boolean of override ship method of a sku is checked , then only you can override the shipping method in the override ship line item else it is non editable , that is controlled by dca (write / read ) 

    so in AD02 DCA module , you will refer the this boolean into the formula for setting DCA of override ship method line item 



    then you will use that boolean in AD02 as write access driver for the override line item , 


    similarly for the others , hope this helps  a bit