Board Selection and Synchronization




My coworker and I are trying to create a Board that will serve as a "one stop" landing page. We are showing a summary of Current On Hand and On Order by selected department. We are hoping to be able to return a list of Purchase Orders that match the item and department that has been selected thereby allowing users to drill down the On Order to the actual Purchase Order/Line. I feel like we have all the data we need, but we just are having trouble connecting all the dots. Has anyone else successfully accomplished this or something similar?


Thank you!



  • Tricia,

    What I would suggest is creating a FILTER selector (build a selector module and add a boolean that checks against what you want to show with what is selected)

    That way you are able to do what you are looking to do. Essentially you are bypassing the normal selectors and creating your own unique solution.

    If you need more details, I can try and clarify my explanation further if you would like.


  • @Tricia 

    If the Purchase Orders roll up to the Department as part of a composite hierarchy, you should be able to set this up by setting up synchronization between the two views.

    You could have your top view by department, and view below that which has the purchase orders. If you turn on syncing in the second view, then whatever department is selected, it would show the purchase orders below that.


    Or, like @obriegr mentioned, you could do a line item that is formatted as the Department list. A user could then pick a department from this line item dropdown on the page. You could then have a boolean line item in both of your views (still a similar set up to what I mentioned above), filter on if the department associated with the PO is equal to the department selected in the line item.