Add a item number when importing to modules


Hi, I want to import "order" file to modules.


I have several modules which has Item number List as Applies To.

module A & B.






I want to import this type of csv file. This order files don't have order no. 

So I have to add Item numbers to first row.




When I edit the csv files, some Lineitem( other) has 0 on the dead will change.

How do you avoid this problem?


I think that use Power Query or text wizard in excel and open the csv file by xlsx is solution.

Or add the item numbers by using VBA is another solution.


How do you avoid this problem.




  • @hyudolee 


    Why not just use Lot as your Code and unique member?  Why are you wanting to use the "Row ID"?  Then import the transactional data (Amount) to a module dimensionalized by Time and Lot.