Cloudworks failures


I have a process to load lists and modules in my datahub which uses the cloudworks azure connection. Everything was working correctly up until 18th October, then yesterday the process failed via the schedule and failed on manual runs from the cloudworks integrations screen.


The Job fails with Process Validation Failed error, which for some reason does not generate the Details log if you check in the activity for the job.



I have other model to model and export jobs running successfully. I am working with support to get this resolve, but just wondering if others have experienced a similar issue? 




  • Hey Josh - 


    Has the process in Anaplan changed since you first set it up in CloudWorks? I noticed this when I set up a Cloudworks process, then the process changed in Anaplan, but the Cloudworks process was still pointing to old, outdated Anaplan processes.


    Try and make sure your integration is updated with the updated process in Anaplan and let me know if that works.