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We would like to use the Google Sheets Add-On, but face the problem that every step, including the refreshing and sending of data to and from Anaplan is very slow and time consuming.


Using the Add-on in a new empty sheet works faster, but the client works in several Google sheets with multiple sheets/tables/calculations and needs to wait a few minutes which makes it difficult to work with.


Are there ideas or best practices, what we could do to improve the performance of the Add-On?


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  • Hi @janako ,


    Curious to get a bit more info on this one, how big are the connections (module/saved view cell counts)? Are read/write changes back to the model from Google Sheets taking longer than if the cells are edited directly in the model? The Sheets syncs will always have a bit more latency than performing actions directly in the model, but it should be fairly correlated.



  • Hi,

    Our Anaplan module is quite small - 98,400 cells.

    Directly inputting into Anaplan is possible without any time delay. Only syncing with Google sheets takes several minutes. Therefore, we are now manually copy-pasting the values from Google sheets into Anaplan, which is not most elegant, but faster than syncronization.

    I have noticed, when the Google sheet has less pages than has less latency.


    Thanks you.

  • Hello, 

    Exactly the same issue here. 

    From a blank GSheet, performance is acceptable (but really not good). From an existing GSheet with several existing tabs, performance is desastrous, up to the point where update is not possible because it times out.

    This happens whatever the model, module, view, cell count, etc...

    I have tried for more than one year now, and have made videos to explain the issue to Anaplan support, without any resolution yet.

    I hope this extension will improve so that we can put it in the hands of end users. Not yet possible with these performance issues.

    Thanks for raising the topic yet!

    Good day! 

  • Hello,

    We are experiencing a similar issue as well. The synchronization takes a really long time, especially in sheets with multiple tabs.

    Really hoping Anaplan can look into this issue so users can finally leverage this capability as it is not usable at this current stage

  • JH
    edited September 2023

    I am finding the same thing even when refreshing or sending data to a tiny module (a few hundred cells) so there is clearly a major performance flaw. As it stands i would never wish to demo this to a prospective customer. Any customer demanding this integration in a presale is going to be incredibly disappointed and it needs addressing or just remove the add-in if you are not able to support it properly