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Below is the item I need help with this is regarding the clients extractor process.


JFC will be sending 2 csv files for their extractor process. Below is the table with Months spread according to project name (this includes not in Budget – which is normally empty according to the user). Now the column with Project Alpha, Beta and Charlie will be a reference on the second csv file they will be sending for the table below (Source Data) on the screen shot you can see column H dropdown list is the same as the project Name on the Staging table. So the requirement is that whatever project name they have on the csv for Staging will reflect on the Budget Line item dropdown list on the Source Data table.

Staging Module


Source Module


The module below is for the source data csv file.




In the Blue print view, you can see the Budget Line Item column is formatted as a list – Budget Line just ignore the 1-10 dimension which is static at the moment. We are still evaluating whether we need it or not.



I also attached the sample excel i created since I cannot send you the actual file bc of confidentiality.


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  • MarkWarren

    With this data you need to dimension the INP001 module, the target, by 'Budget Item' and Time (months).
    These are the two common dimensions between the 2 csv's.