Publish list on the dashboard in New UX




Could you please share how can we publish the list in the New UX dashboard ?


Thank you.

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  • AntonMineev

    Hi @SuhasDesai 

    This functionality is not available in UX, but you can display the setting module and the update action for the reference list. This will be good practice.


  • @AntonMineev 



    Just wanted to confirm if by setting module you mean we need to create a module with line items that would display the List's properties and then publish it on a New UX Page?


    If yes, Wouldn't that mean a lot of manual work compared to a built in functionality to publish Lists directly?

  • @pratikjaiswal 


    Yes, you need a separate module with the list and its properties (like LI).

    This would be double work, since it corresponds to Anaplan practices and in most cases you would not need to duplicate these values in the properties (you could do a direct formula in a pinch).


    Overall, you will get (if you use module):


    1. Ability to filter properties
    2. Possibility to store some of the properties on subsets
    3. Ability to output on UX
    4. Ability to flexibly access properties via DCA


    At one of the events Anaplan said that in the plans of UX development there is a possibility of direct output of the list and its properties. But I wouldn't use this unless there's a good reason (e.g. you only need this data to be updated through ALM).

  • xin

    Before, users can select subset in old dashboards once the list is published there.

    Is there a workaround with new UX? Since subset can not link to line item as list properties do. I would like the super user to do the admin work in new UX.