Can't get my export right


Hi community members,


I have created a saved view in which I enable a filter to filter out any rows which have a CIP value  (kLOC) = 0.

The filter uses a boolean line item in the module itself, which defines if the value is different than 0.

When I look at my saved view, it looks good.

However, when I export the view, the rows with CIP value (kLOC) = 0 are still included in the export.

I don't understand why. I have first created the saved view and then ran the export action.

Can anyone help? 

Another strange thing: when I open the filters of my saved view, a number of filters seems to be added automatically, without me selecting it. Maybe this is messing it up? But how do I get rid of this automatic additions?

I have attached some print screens to make it more clear.


Thank you for your help!





Best Answer

  • I checked this with Anaplan support and they came back to me with the following answer:


    After further investigation by our Product team, it has now been decided that we currently do not plan to fix this issue. 
    The workaround for this issue is to remove the existing filters, export data the way you normally do and then apply the filter in Excel. This issue has also been documented on the Known Issues page on Community and can be found here .