Run Process 9 Import Data from the Hub ---

Hi Everyone ,


While running the process 9 import data from the hub ,

Am getting error ,

Snip attached




  • @AsadA 


    for that action, you need to associate it with your Data Hub model.  To do click on the Source Model and associate those sources to your Data Hub.




    If you are using the older UI, the picture will look like the below:



    Hope this helps,



  • Thanks @rob_marshall , associated as advised, that really helped 

    Now i have this error as attached .-, i think we are very close to sort this out


  • @AsadA 


    Go into the action on 9.3 and make sure the mapping is correct.  It looks like there are different headers.

  • Hi Team,


    While I'm Running the process I'm getting error.


    Please help me to run the process sucessfuly.