How can I see which modules are used in App pages?

I am making changes to a list that is used in multiple classic dashboards and NUX pages. I can identify the modules that include the list in their applies to and then identify the dashboards that include those modules. However, the only way I can see how to identify the modules included in the NUX pages is to open each page in turn and examine each card.


How do I easily identify the NUX pages that include the modules?







  • @AllMartin 

    Currently we don't have such functionality available for New UX. You have to check every individual card to check which module is used as a data source.



  • Thanks Anand. 

  • I am posting the original request for enhancement as reference here: 


  • Would really like to see this enhancement

  • Hi @jasnyder1973 ,

    Though we can't directly find what all pages a module is published on, we can easily find what all modules are published on a page, without having to check each card on the page - thanks to this feature in NMX.

    As you can see below the model backend, first click on ‘More’ under contents pane and then on ‘Pages’ and then click anywhere except the blue font page title against respective page, and then on ‘Modules’ tab on the right.