Add a hierarchy within existing list



My organization recently has gone through a re-org and as a result, our employee hierarchy has changed from 3 level (VP, director and manager) to 4 levels (CDO, VP, Director, manager). We used to have VP as the top parent for the list. I added another list and changed the new list as top level (parent) for the hierarchy. However I noticed that the modules used to be dimensioned by director and manager won't show list member anymore. Am I missing anything?





  • If your parent-child relationship satisfies the correct grouping and the (earlier) child are not considered as parent (in new structure) now, it means all your data still sits are child level then shouldn't be an issue.

    Pls show some example if you can

  • @heron 

    From your initial description there should be no problem as all you have done is change the parent of Director list to feed into the new VP list.

    Can you please post some screenshots of the grid and the blueprint of an affected module.