8.5.3 Activity: Import Data into Volume Inputs Module




Can someone explain my mistake in this data input process: 




  • @theanaplanner 

    You should not be receiving any failures as per you mapping settings. 

    Did you make any changes to the file?


  • Hello Chris, 


    After I changed my module calendar, I did not receive any failures. I think I have a problem on my model calendar:( 


    Thanks for your response. 

  • I suspect your model calendar did not cover the time set out in the data hence some columns were not matching and therefore failing.

    If this is your Level 1 model double check your calendar settings again as they are not quite right!

  • Thank You Chris and Thank You so much Theanaplanner for the solution, i was also facing the same issue and was not able to understand where I am getting wrong I was got so frustrated and stressed but finally I found the solution from you guys after spending so much time on it I changed the module calendar settings and the import has been successful.

  • @ChrisAHeathcote Thank you so much! You just saved me from hours of trying to figure out what went wrong. You are the best!