Level 1 Exam - Model Building Activity 4 importing data into SYS08 Employee Details Module


Hi Team,

I need your help on this data importing.


I have downloaded the Employe Details by Role.txt file but, I see the data is not being mapped correctly into the SYS08 Employee details module.


Downloaded CSV format :






I have tried by converting CSV to txt format. Still the data is not being mapped properly while importing.





  • @SravanKumar 

    Don't convert the given files to any other format, unless and until you are told to do so. Upload the downloaded file in the existing format only.


    Referring to your screenshot kindly map the E2 Employees to Code. Map the Leave Date and start Start date by clicking on the boolean as shown below.



    and then try to import the file. You will get it imported




  • @SravanKumar 

    Update the file options before you try and map the dimensions.

    Look at what is being used to separate the columns in the txt file and select this option before proceeding to mapping.

  • @anand.shekhawat it worked fine. Thank you very much.

  • Don't we have to create a line item Role and then import the data. I stuck at the moment on that.

  • Same I am stuck on that only
  • Do we need to add line item before importing?