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In a dashboard, to update the forecast of particular FY, the user selects the FY and runs the process. But, instead of uploading file of selected FY, he uploaded another FY (say FY21 instead of FY22) file. When he ran the process, selected FY existing data wiped out in the target and no change in data of another FY.
He used a saved view in staging module with filter "user selected year", to update uploaded forecast in the target. The saved view consisted of blank data for selected FY because file uploaded was of another FY.

How to avoid wiping of data in the target, if the user uploads wrong file? Should I make necessary changes for filter in a saved view?. 

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  • @kvamsiramakrishna 

    Is the filter used to limit the FY in the import dimensioned by user?

    If so, then I suspect the import action is not recognising the filter and import all the data present in the source into the target module. 

    Create a new filter process which is not dimensioned by user, create a new saved view using this filter and use this in a saved view to import into your target module.

  • To update the forecast, I have created Staging module and Target module. Staging module consists of 2 saved views, a) saved view with "line item - forecast" and filters are "months only and user selected year". Such that it shows the data for user selected year. This saved view is used to import data into target module. Next,

    b) 2nd saved view consists of "no-data formatted line items". This saved view is used to wipe the staging module, after 1st saved view imported into target. 

    Now, All these actions are made into process. First, user selects the year, and uploads relevant FY file. 1st saved view shows data of user selected FY and it imports into target module. Then, 2nd saved view wipes out the module.

    But, what if the user uploaded wrong FY file(say FY20 instead of FY22). 1st saved view shows months of FY22 and it consists no data. Later, this will import into target module and user finds "no data" for FY22 in the target module.

    How to make user understand of this situation? Do Anaplan have "error message" option?


    Thanks in Advance

  • @kvamsiramakrishna 


    Where is the data coming from and why is not coming from a "trusted" source system?  User actions uploading data are frowned upon for exactly this reason.  The data really should be coming from a trusted source system to a data hub and from the data hub to the spoke model.


    Probably not the answer you were looking for.