Action Logs Not Capturing List Formatted Line Item Copy Across Changes


Hi Community,


My query is more from a workflow management perspective. I will try to explain my case below :


1) I created 2 test modules both with same structure of dimension and list formatted line items.

2) The idea is that one module will act as a clearance module, i.e., will clear the line item values in the Target module.

3) My module looks like this (a simple setup) :



4) Now, I import my values from a copy module with blanks (same list formatted line items). The actions runs smoothly and the changes occur and I have blanks in Target module above.

PFB, a screenshot : 


Ideally, Action logs do capture changes made to a number formatted or a Boolean formatted line item under categories of updated, ignore & failed but in this case they do not.


History logs do not capture that as usual. They simply display the bulk data change prompt and I think this is a known case when an action runs for bulk import etc. PFB, a screenshot for your reference :


Even cell history piece only captures the bulk data change and flags it as same and displays the changes as blank. Although, I wish that it displayed the previous value vs new value. 



My thought is that why is it not capturing the changes (especially Action logs) for changes done to List formatted Line Item when they are made blanks - under updated, ignored or failed?


PS: Some mechanism which shows previous value as X vs white space against the same entry change will be helpful from history logs perspective.


Am I missing something here? 🤔


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  • @Lastochka 


    No, I don't think you are missing anything. Logs do not provide New vs Previous when it is a bulk update. Ideally it should capture . I would say raise a ticket, get this analyzed.