10.2.5 Activity: Add Employee Expenses Module




In this module, I see employee details as a code such as #3, dont see actual employee name. Where can I change it? 


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  • @theanaplanner 


    Step 1: You will have to go to Employees List and Insert a Property and call it Emp Name (Format List Preferably, otherwise Text)

    Step 2: Then go to General List Section, scroll towards right until you see Display Name dropdown. Pick the Property in Display Name dropdown. 



  • Hi @theanaplanner ,


    Your employee list I reckon is a numbered list. So what you are looking at is Anaplan's default naming for numbered lists.

    You have the ability to mask the numbered list default name by your own text/list by defining a display name. You can do this as per the two steps mentioned by Misbah. You can also refer to this thread