workspace current size details not displayed when fetched using transactional API


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I have been trying to fetch details of the workspace size using the Anaplan transactional API and leveraging python script. Before, implementing it in the python script, tried testing it in Postman. Was able to fetch only the size Allowance details but not the current size of workspace. Though looking at the link the size allowance and current size should be displayed in the body of the response. 


Any leads or thoughts will be helpful. Thanks in advance!




  • We run out workspace and model size using Python scripting.

    @riyazpasha can you help out here?

  • HI @Vaitesh ,


    Yes Iam also facing that issue because of which we have switched to the selenium based scraping the workspace size and Model size. As Transaction API doesn't provide the model size so its better to switch to selenium based as you can get the size directly in the required format also the current size is in different format so I use the selenium to scrap the data for 22 workspaces which has almost 200 models.


    Let me know if you require any help on this. 



    Riyaz Pasha


    Riyaz Pasha

  • Hi @riyazpasha and @andrewtye ,


    My concern was while using the endpoint "", I was getting only the size allowance details. However, further looking into it, figured out from here that the endpoint needs to be specified as "" which does respond back with the body containing the "currentSize".


    Further, as the response gives the size in bytes, converted it in to appropriate size of GB. the "sizeAllowance" does give the expected result, but in case of "currentSize" it gives way lower than the expected.


    Could it be the reason of the credentials I am using is not having access to all the models, though having the workspace administrator access?

    Authentication method - Basic 


    1. From the Anaplan workspace model settings tab allowed size= 30 GB, occupied size= 20.72 GB



    2. From the output of the python script allowed size = 30 GB, occupied size = 5.83 GB







  • Hi @Vaitesh ,


    Even though you don't have access to all the models you need to get the right current size as you have the admin access.


    Its nothing to do with the authentication.


    As I need the Model size along with the workspace size, so I use the selenium based solution.

    Transactions API is the new update from the Anaplan previously it wasn't there.


    Calculation - size allowance/power(1024,3)  - I can see that your calculation is right


    I suggest get the access to the models along with admin access and then try. But ideally with the above access you need to get the right size.



    Riyaz Pasha






    Riyaz Pasha

  • Thanks @riyazpasha . Will definitely try out if the account I am using is able to access all the models.