Sprint 2- Cannot read Module after selective access turned of for lists




I am on the final step of Sprint 2 Create Product Family Manager Role 


As Volume Growth Rates should only be seen by Managers for only their assigned Product Family I enable selective access on the P1 Products List.



However, Now when I go into a Module that references this list I get the following message:



I though that selective access would not restrict the view of the workspace admin? I've checked and I can see I do have workspace admin privileges:


Have I missed a step/ Have I overlooked one of the content lessons?


Many Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂


  • @JosieNabarro 

    Selective access will affect all users. 

    Go to User in Model Settings and assign yourself Write access to the Top Level item of the first list of the hierarchy.

    This should then give you the access you are looking for. 

  • Thank you Chris!