How to upload a file using Anaplan APIs? [Anaplan]


I wish to upload a file using Anaplan APIs but as mentioned in the API docs here is that

Note: To upload a file using the API that file must exist in Anaplan. If the file has not been previously uploaded, you must upload it initially using the Anaplan user interface. You can then carry out subsequent uploads of that file using the API.

Thus it says that the first instance of any file must be uploaded manually by the user interface.

But somehow I have figured out a glitch/loop in Anaplan APIs that if you try to setChunkCount (Another API method) with an invalid fileID then a file with fileName equals invalid fileID is formed automatically on the Anaplan.

My question now is that is this a feature or a glitch?

Can I safely use it for my current implementations?

Will Anaplan deprecate this if this is a glitch?

References: Anaplan Documentation