I get error when i try to make a graph which is dynamically updating with date selection.


I am trying to create a dynamic graph for stock overview (see picture below). 

I created a table with dates in the columns and I have 3 line items.
I added a time filter on the module that is triggered by the selection of the graph start and graph end date.
The module is published to a dashboard with the time filter in place
Also the graph is published to the dashboard with the same time filter in place. 
If I change the dates, the module is updated in the dashboard, however the graph is not updated and is shown as it was published. 

I tried to make the time synchronisation available, but that is not possible because a graph cannot have more then 200 columns. And one year of dates in the module is more than 200 columns 😞


Can anybody help how I can get the below graph setup dynamically? 

Already many thanks upfront for your help.


issue 200 items.PNG


  • @jo_maassen_1 


    Chapter 4 Section 2 Rule 9 - Publish Charts with full filters initially


    See below



    That should help




  • @jo_maassen_1 


    I thought I had a great workaround for you and it works for the data module, but not for graphs.  The workaround was to change the time dimensionality to Months so you can publish it, and then change the module back to Days.  In theory, this works and it does work for modules, but not for graphs as the graphs keep the months in the axis.


    Sadly, I don't think this is going to work for you.





  • Hi Misbah, 


    Thanks for your reply!


    Unfortunately this solution does not solve the issue. I tried to do this, but 1 year has 365 days. The graph only excepts 200 days. So i get an error when i try to create a graph without a filter. 


    I cannot believe that we are the only company with a graph with daily information (values). So, i hope that there will be another solution. 

    thanks again, 





  • Hi Rob, 

    Thanks anyway for thinking about a solution! 

    best regards, 


  • @jo_maassen_1 


    Yes, Classic UX has that limitation but with New UX you can create graphs and charts with umpteen number of days. I am not sure if Anaplan has any roadmap to solve that issue. You can raise this with Anaplan on support@anaplan.com