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I have a 4 tiered list hierarchy. On the lowest level I have thousands of items that do not have a parent and need to be deleted. I would like to create an action to delete these list items and add the action to an existing process to maintain good model hygiene. 


My challenge is that any module where the list is published I cannot see these parent-less items.

Any ideas on how to display these items in a module would be appreciated.


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  • rob_marshall



    If you have a parent hierarchy, that is fine, do you have a Top Member defined?  If you do, and you still aren't seeing the members without "defined" parents, then I imagine you are not looking at the very top member.  What I would do is create that SYS Module and look for the members that roll up to the Top Member that you just defined.  What likely has happened, is a top member was defined like All Accounts, but that is not defined as the overall Top Member of the list, but rather list member named All Accounts.  Also, is this a concatenated list?  If so, place the top member in the first level, not level 5 or level 6.


    Does that help?




  • @michael.chefer 


    I would suggest two things:

    • Put a top level on the list, this way you will be able to see them
    • Create a Delete module (SYS Delete) with this list in the Applies To.  Create a line item (boolean formatted) having the following formula: isblank(parent(item(list name)))
    • Use the Delete from List using Selection action to create your action.

    That should delete the members that are orphaned.


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  • Hi Rob,

    Is this a usual behaviour? I tried creating a small example but did not face the same issue. Does this happen once the list is slightly larger?
  • @ankit_cheeni 


    This is standard functionality on small or larger lists.  It all depends if you have a "defined" Top Level Member defined for the list.  Not a list member that is the top member, but a member defined as the Top Level Member.




    When you have the above defined, there is no way it will be orphaned as it will always have a top member, in this case All Account Types.  Now, it can be orphaned from the "hierarchy" order, but that is a different story.


    Does that help?





    Thank you @rob_marshall  for your reply.


    What do you recommend in a case where my list needs to have a parent hierarchy? It seems that when I add a Top Level Item and keep the Parent Hierarchy my result is unchanged. 


    Any work arounds that you know of?


    I added the system module, created a delete action and successfully deleted all the parent-less items. Side note, I was unable to see which items were being deleting as they never showed up in the system module. The bottom f the list showed the last item in the hierarchy but none of the parent-less ones. It could be that list's size of 500k items limited the visible items. However that did not impact the delete action's ability to correctly pick out which list items to delete. 

  • Had the same issue (not being able to see orphan items when the list is dimensioned in a module). The problem was because I had selective access applied to the parent hierarchy, with access to the parent items. With it set up like this, the orphan items are not visible in modules.