Need help with a Lookup - Dimension used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source


Hi All,


I have a Lookup that I'm having a really hard time figuring out. I need to create a mapping line item but I am at a complete loss trying to figure out what that line item needs to be. Here are the details of what I'm trying to do:


Target Module: Credit by Opportunity by Month

Dimensioned by

  • Time (Month)
  • List: Opportunity - Flat
  • List: SS - Employees

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Line item that needs a Lookup: Channel Growth ACV ProServ Total Credit

This line item is supposed to take the value for the employee selected from (SS - Employees) from 'CRE07 Split Crediting Salesperson to Deal ProServ'.Channel Growth ACV ProServ Indiv Credit. Currently the line item 'Channel Growth ACV ProServ Total Credit' is returning the value for All Employees, the summary row, instead of the selected employee. 


Source Module CRE07 Split Crediting Salesperson to Deal ProServ

Dimensioned by

  • List: Salesperson to Deal (The parent for Salesperson to Deal is Opportunity - Flat)
  • Time (Day)

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I thought I could use the line item 'Salesperson' from the source module for the Lookup since it's format is 'SS - Employees' but when I try to do this I get the error message: Dimension used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source.


Here is the formula I tried: 'CRE07 Split Crediting Salesperson to Deal ProServ'.Channel Growth ACV ProServ[lookup:'CRE07 Split Crediting Salesperson to Deal ProServ'.Salesperson]


Any help would be most appreciated. I can usually figure out mapping line items but I'm completely stuck with this one. 





Best Answer

  • Ingilavicus

    Hi @jamesreed ,


    With lookup in this instance, you have to think about it the other way. 

    To retrieve something you have to have a lookup item in the destination with matching the destination dimensions and being formated as the source item that you lookup. 

    So you would have a LI in your target module dimensioned by 'SalesPerson to Deal' list in order for the lookup to work. 


    If you want to identify the employe in CRE07 then an aggregation will work, like a [sum: or average:, firstnonblank:] 


    Hope this helps to get going again. 


    You can try to check this video for more details on sum/lookup:





  •  @Ingilavicus ,

    Thanks for the response. You're right, I was looking at the mapping backwards. I couldn't ever get the lookup to work and ended up thinking up a better approach than this module. Thanks for the help!